19 December 2012

Holiday Business Cards

Designing my business cards ended up being more frustrating than I thought it would be, but I was pleased with my completed project. I ordered my cards from MOO 6 days before career day and 7 days before our debut Girl Geek Dinner. Unfortunately, they arrived the day of the Girl Geek Dinner, after I had already left.

Also unfortunately, they were much  darker than my original images, making them look like special Christmas business cards. So that's what I marketed them as at the last tech holiday party I went to. "Merry Christmas," I said, as I handed them over. (One guy said, "Wow, that is so clever!") I made it my goal to hand out every last one so that they wouldn't look awkward in January.


Towards the end of the night, I still had six or seven cards and I wanted to leave, so I appealed to Carlos of DogBFF to introduce me to enough people to give them away. All but one was successfully distributed, so as we left, he mentioned that he'd never gotten one and took it. :)

Will I order more? I'm not sure. Probably, unless I get a really great business card from whatever company I end up working for. I also have to pose the question: what's the point of "networking events" when you can't hear? I came home deaf, not sure who I met, smelling of fried food, and all w/out alcohol. And I heard several sexist remarks. One good impression at a time ought to change that . . .

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  1. I have spent literally years pondering the question of why people think networking can happen at happy hours or why people go out to bars to meet people or hang out with friends--other than alcohol making things easier for some people, I really just don't get it. I can't hear other people, they can't hear me, my throat will get very sore with all the shouting, most of these places are not very well-lit so I can't even see others very well, and (for hanging out with friends) on top of all this you have to pay for this privilege even though most of us have our own living spaces not with parents or other early-to-bed residents. I'm forever filling out the surveys at work about fun events and pleading for them to be anything other than a happy hour :P Perhaps I should add to my "someday small business" ideas list of facilitating introvert-friendly corporate/networking events...



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