08 May 2011

The Only Lip-to-Lip I'm Getting Around Here

I've posted about my beloved chapstick of choice, Natural Ice, several times. I've gone off it before and I didn't like being without it, even after more than a month, so I went right back to it after a surgery and never looked back. Natural Ice is a chapstick that I often think only my family knows about. I've only met a handful of people who know about it, and apparently it's hard to find in just any store. Luckily, my mom has somehow been able to find it at random stores and stock up on it for Christmas presents each year, so I haven't had to go without (thanks, Mom, birthday girl today).

Natural Ice Cherry Chapstick

Well guess what happened the other day?

I was at the library with two kids in tow. As we headed to the checkout kiosk, one of the kids kind stumbled over something and continued walking as she turned her head back to look at the culprit. Naturally, I glanced down, too, and discovered that it was my own chapstick lying on the floor. Oops! I was so glad that I hadn't lost it. I scooped it off the floor and into my pocket and within minutes we were in the car. After buckling in the children, I paused to apply my chapstick. The moment it touched my lips, I knew something was wrong.

In horror, I looked at the chapstick and saw immediately that the chapstick wasn't rounded the way I always have mine, and it had a dirty rim, which grossed me out. I quickly wiped my mouth and threw the chapstick into the seat next to me, then reached into my pocket to find my own chapstick safely there. I'd picked up someone else's Natural Ice! And put it on my lips. Yeck!

When I told the story later, my sister laughed and said, "Maybe the person who dropped it watched you pick it up and felt just as confused as you did."

Then she asked, "Are you going to cut off the end and use it?"



  1. Haha, I love Natural Ice but have a super hard time finding it where I live. Sad. We used to get ones at Christmas with a snowman on it.

  2. Ha ha! I enjoyed this story, although slightly grossed out.