01 March 2011

Less Expensive, Better Quality Shoes

Do you like TOMS shoes but wish they weren't so expensive and that they were better quality so they wouldn't fall apart so quickly?

That's what my brother thought. So he and a friend started a shoe company, and they're ready to sell!


(Yes, Mike, you're welcome for the free advertising!)


  1. Yeah, right. You don't know my brother. Ha ha.

  2. Awesome! I have really been wanting Toms for a long time but, yeah, a little expensive. Do you know if they'll be adding more colors soon?

  3. My brother says that more colors will be coming this summer!

  4. Where do they ship from? Is there anyway I could pick up my shoes instead of paying for shipping. I almost bought a pair but then it said shipping would be another $10-15. I guess that's standard and I'll end up buying them in a day or two.

  5. Hey Eliza, apparently they are going to change their shipping, so just wait and you'll get a better deal! Yay!