11 December 2010

Wishin' Impossible

My friend Tanya recently blogged a wish list. She's the best gift giver I know and she even impressed me with the gifts she wished for for herself. I'm probably the worst gift giver, and what do you know--I can't even think of something for myself. I've been searching my mind for ideas for my gift-givers, but so far I've been doing a really bad job of it, because the things I want are ridiculously expensive. Or just ridiculous. (I could request any one of several hundred books, but I'm a firm believer in libraries.)

But how about a Chris Volpe CD? (Love his sound.)

Or a new pair of Target moccasins? (Thanks, Lena, for introducing me to them--I love.)

What I really want is a 64 GB iPod touch (large enough to hold all my music). I've been kind of dying inside since I sold my iPod.

As long as we're posting things that are never going to become realities as Christmas presents, why not add the MacBook Pro (13" or 15"? I can't decide) that would hold all my files and that I've been lusting after for two years now (though I'll probably just end up running my MacBook into the ground)?

Or a magical cure for all physical ailments/new wrists?

Basically I just like this:

Because I can use it for life. But who uses real money these days anyway? Thus, I am providing you with my PayPal: sammythefly AT hotmail DOT com. (Ha ha. I guess everyone thinks that gift cards are more acceptable gifts than cash, though I'm not sure why, since gift cards can't be used everywhere, and isn't the point that the receiver gets what he or she wants or needs?)

Okay, okay, I know my wishes aren't realistic, though there are kids half my age who get similar things and more. So why not just some of the following?

Kinder Riegel?

A dress made of Lindt milk chocolate truffles? (There had better be something underneath those chocolates, or we're in big trouble in a big hurry!)

I think I asked for one of the following for 12 straight years of my life. Yeah, you'd think I would have stopped hoping a long time ago. Nope. Bernese Mountain Dogs=Michelle with a melted heart. Don't you just want to give him a squeeze?

Milka Noisette bars? Drool.

My own hermit hut in the Swiss Alps with a free-of-charge anonymous deliverer and picker-upper of library books to my heart's content?


Someone who could make me look like Alexis Bledel every day of my life?

Or how about some new running shoes to burn off all those chocolate bar calories, since my shoes seem to have disappeared, never to return? Forget that. I'll never go running if I don't have an iPod. Not worth it.

The perfect boyfriend? (No subject for an image exists. Nor does the image for a perfect girlfriend, so don't get mad.)

Feel free to use the comments to dubs what you're going to get me. Bwa ha ha.

Meh. A gift card. Just go with the gift card.


  1. Great. Now you got me wanting those Target moccasins, and my husband already bought me some slippers for Christmas.

  2. I would totally do that - wear them everywhere. I just (finally) got rid of my last "wear everywhere" shoes so I AM needing some new ones...

  3. love the idea of the hermit hut... ever since i've watched heidi, i've wanted to live in a cottage in the swiss alps!

  4. That is an awesome list! I would totally get you and hut and the doggy if I could. I think we should continue to make lists like this. Maybe because I love to daydream.

    John and I were with some couple friends and two of the guys got into a competition I like to call "If I had a lot of money I'd . . .". It was hilarious the crazy things they came up with. It actually made being rich sound interesting.

  5. I'd like the perfect boyfriend too. And the Target moccasins look so comfortable!

  6. Haha--I'm so with you on the puppy and the Swiss Alps. Oh yeah--and the iPad, or even an iPhone (which, like you said, teenagers have but I will never be able to afford).