16 December 2010

Alternatives to Running Shoes

Boys (and girls, for that matter):

Just a small suggestion. Don't wear running shoes with jeans or shorts of any kind. They are called running shoes because they're for running. They make American geeks embarrassingly conspicuous in Europe. And they remind me of Seinfeld.

Times you are allowed to wear running shoes:

  • while running
  • while playing basketball
  • while playing any kind of sport
  • while hiking
  • while camping
Even if you have a great haircut, beautiful eyes, an attractive sweater, expensive jeans . . . if you want to look nice/datable, find something that goes with the rest of your amazingness--chucks (Converse), moccasins/boat shoes, Tom-like shoes (preferably Luchas after their upcoming release), flip-flops, non-junky skater shoes (Nike has some), something out of leather . . .

Compare (I'm aware the clothes on the left also need help, but just focus on the shoes for now):

Okay, if these dress shoes are too much for you, how about the following ideas? (If you have more ideas or need shoe-picking assistance, let me know.)


  1. Oh, and the problem with that guy isn't his shoes, it's his terribly cut jeans, and the awkward fitting shirt tucked way to high above his hips. And want to know why Americans wear running shoes in Europe? Probably because they're the best for walking. Those Converse style? No arch support.

  2. This coming from the gender that invented high heels.

  3. Thank you for this post! Every time I watch Seinfeld, and see Jerry's shoes it pains me that he wears them with jeans.

  4. Haha! I remember this being one of our "standards". I feel I have to be lenient to tourists because tennis shoes are practical when on a vacation that requires a lot of walking. But then I remember all the Italian tourists I see in NYC. They always have amazing shoes (and leather jackets). Even their tennis shoes are made from leather.

  5. What about Salomon brand shoes?


    Do these count as shoes that shouldn't be worn with jeans?

  6. Okay, but maybe this athletic-shoes-with-jeans look is a distinctly American cultural thing, something that we should be proud of instead of a cause for shame? The only thing dorkier than Americans wearing running shoes with jeans (and I agree with you; I hate that look, too) is Americans with an inferiority complex when it comes to style, mimicking the fashions of the French or Italians instead of creating a distinctive style of our own. Let's be clear, though -- when I advocate American style, I'm thinking more Calvin Klein and WAY LESS Nikes with jeans! :-)

    I enjoyed your sneaker post. Happy holidays!

  7. I think flip flops and Tom's-type shoes are very American, and I'm fine with those. :)

  8. I don't believe a designer or company such as Calvin Klein could ever be called distinctly American, back when it was founded and even today. Calvin Klein was of Hungarian origins, and fashion today has been globalized to the extent that it's hard to distinguish where a trend originated. Which I think is fantastic! I like to wear things that I find aesthetically appealing, whether it be "Italian", "French", or "American".

    Additionally, if a design were to be called distinctly "American" it would require the item of clothing to transcend what we now know as pant, shoe, shirt, jacket, et cetera. Like a duct-tape transi-tard with toe pads ;D.

  9. haha the guy on the left looks like how my hubby dresses.
    btw my daughter is in Gluckstadt til the 30th...was stuck in London for 4 days

  10. I'm gonna say the Solomon shoes are great for athletics. ;) They kind of remind me of those Sketchers that used to be cool in 2001 or 2.

  11. What should I wear when I mow the lawn? Wash my windows outside? Push the stroller and Cora around Wheeler Farm? Are these sports? I don my running shoes regularly and I don't care.

  12. Thank you so much for this post :) I couldn't agree more.

    Even worse are running shoes and sweat pants in public!