10 September 2010

My Seester and the Utah Ute Football Team

I am sooooooo proud of my sister. She is one of those people who has found their calling in life. For years, she has followed school sports, taped ankles, taken score, arranged music, iced, etc. And now, she is in the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) at the university of everyone's dreams (or of the university that should be the one of everyone's dreams), where she has been assigned to work with the Ute football team. Wow. It's like she's sold her soul because it takes so much time commitment. But you know what? The whole family is proud of it. And for her first game of the season, she decided she'd rather be on water duty than anything else so that she could watch the entire game (and rush onto the field during time outs).

May I just tell you how exciting it is to see her on the field? Look at these! (Look for her blond hair, red shirt, white towel at the hip, khaki shorts, and a black fanny pack.)

Check her out on the sideline:

Sica on the sideline

Here she is circled for your convenience:

Sica on the sideline (marked)

Or how about on the field?

Sica on the field

And circled again.

Sica on the field (marked)

At second 25 you'll see her blonde hair right as Blechen intercepts at the sideline:

Here you'll see her emerge, celebrating with a water bottle in hand, from beneath number 75 (who is behind number 93) starting at about second 1:36 (oh, and for a laugh, check out the awesome ballet kick at second 15.):

What about at second 44, when she's jumping up and down because she's so excited?

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Or here you see her starting at second 22, walking to the right, where she ends up right behind the ref and then goes to offer someone water. Then again at 35 right behind the orange marker, again walking to the right. And another angle of her celebrating the interception at 6:03.

Oh, the excitement. You get to hear her say things like, "That was my receiver!" or, "I gave a bored football player the Cosmo bad girl special magazine to read today. He flipped through it for a minute and then said it wasn't his thing." Ha ha ha.

Then, during games, you hear things like, "Sic, give 'em better water!" or, "Just take the water! Stop ignoring her!" or, "She just gave water to Bergstrom!"

I think football just got even more interesting. Go Sica!


  1. OK so the other day when we were watching the U game my whole family was wondering how someone gets a job as a "water girl." Thanks for answering that question for me. That's so awesome that your sister gets to be one. Lucky girl.

  2. What a string of coincidences. I wrote about the subway violinist in my blog when I heard about it (the Joni Mitchell song came to mind immediately, of course.)
    I also have thought about the preponderance of mommy blogs, but sure haven't written a thesis on it. Wonder what you found out.
    And, third, my sister-in-law was a professor at U of U, and she and my brother were married right above the campus among the Joe Pye weeds.

  3. Dasha--glad I could help.

    TripleG--it sounds like I'd better read more of your blog. Your background is the one I started out with. ;)