14 September 2010

Mary J. Wanna

After weeks of being sick, I've been diagnosed. And apparently marijuana is my best option. I've never heard that one before. I wonder what the Church's stance is on that? After all, every medicine could be misused; every medicine has side effects. So does it only count as an illegal drug if it's something you smoke? What about inhalers?

Bet I'm going to get a bunch of interesting traffic because of this post.


  1. I guess it depends what you were diagnosed with. I am lds and think marijuana would have less side effects than some other meds out there. But I am kind of a granola anyways and try to do all natural things before taking any medication. Hopefully you start feeling better soon, with or without marijuana.

  2. Lucky.
    No, just kidding.
    I'm so curious about what you've been diagnosed with...

  3. Ha my grandma had shingles a couple of years ago and they had her smoke pot for some reason. She's not LDS so that wasn't an issue but I would be really interested to hear the church's stance on that as well.

  4. Weed may have less side effects than many traditional medicines, but weed kills brain cells, and you can never grow those back....have never heard that traditional meds do the same.
    I hope you find a decent treatment for your malady.

  5. Hey, I responded to your comment on my blog, and now I am telling you about it. Because I am anal and OCD. I noted that I was referencing society as a whole, and not Mormons in my comment about "pretty and silent."

    More importantly, I hope you feel better soon. And I wouldn't be against smoking medical marijuana, if perscribed by a doctor. But, like anonymous, I'm a hippie.

  6. Ack! I posted a comment but then my browser crashed. Let me recreate it best I can.

    From what I can remember of the teachings, most of the off-limit items, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, etc, were in the "medicinal" category. I would think, if prescribed and monitored by a physician, and used mindfully, it wouldn't be a problem.

  7. I have to laugh to see that I got some anonymous comments on here. People too afraid to be liberal? ;)

    Wow, I guess that's true that the off-limit items are to be used medicinally. Good point.

    I'd be interested to know if there's a pill form and if it also kills brain cells.