17 April 2010

Eleanor Ross Taylor

Have you heard of Eleanor Ross Taylor? She is a really old lady (90) who's still writing poetry and winning awards for it.

Eleanor Ross Taylor

Diary Entry, March 24


walked home tho cold

No coffee no Crackerjack no

books $200 cash 3.50 taxi

saved 5.69 coffee not spent

Wind blowing

hard Scarf tossing in my face

breathing fast the cold

A young man boy walking

like that boy in Ellerbe hands deep

in pockets shoulders twisting

mouth bitter

glittering eyes black-fringed into looking

Kiss-me-quick-I’m-off-goodbye tied

my scarf under my chin


Just past the bridge wind threw

a foam hot dog carton onto

the walk ahead of me It landed

flat waddled along open a little casket

determined to get home first But

the wind lifted it again took it off I,

determined to get there before it


as the wind blows, casket

A fling

of maple keys to street

That’s the way the money goes

Keys eyes bluegray Black-fringed

Don’t shiver little star

It’s not as cold as all that

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