04 November 2009


I've taken up swimming. My primary care physician (Dr. Voß) and two physical therapists have convinced me that swimming would be great for my knee (non-impact) and my shoulders (lots of resisted movement). I remember having a visitor last year tell me he really didn't believe that I don't like swimming. Well, now I can say . . .

I hate swimming. Here's why:

  • It costs moola. (I've found a way to avoid this, though.)
  • It is BORING! You can't even make up for it by listening to your iPod.
  • It is something you really have to plan for according to when the pool is open.
  • Sometimes, showering once a day or every two days seems like too much, and here I am doing something that not only requires two changes of clothes, it requires two showers and simply being wet.
  • I'm swimming in other people's sweat and other unknown bodily substances . . .
  • There are always lots of other people there who can watch you make a fool of yourself.
  • You're in front of lots of people wearing very little.
  • There are community showers and locker rooms. I just don't want to see what gets seen there!
  • The German system makes it worse because there are only lanes, no open pool for just playing or something, so I feel pressure to swim faster with people behind me who all seem to be pros.
  • But even though I try to keep up with other people, I feel like there's really no competition. I want to play a game! I want to win! Swimming laps just doesn't hack it.
The one good thing about swimming is that it makes me sleepy. But that can also be bad. Depending. But I've also noticed I could really use a new swimsuit. So I started surfing. And I really like this swimsuit:

JC Penney Swimsuit

I like that it covers a lot of skin and has a cute pattern and cute colors and even a bow on the side. But there are two problems (not to mention the price). One, the description says, "Our LeCover swim dress offers . . ." and I don't know if the word "dress" means "clothing" or that this is really a swim dress (in which case I don't want it anymore). Two, according to the size chart, I'm a small bust, a medium waist, and a small in the hips. Okay . . .


  1. Maybe it has something to do with our upbringing. I have water issues, too.

  2. Hey Michelle,

    though I won't be able to go all the time. I could join you every now and then (preferably in the evenings). This way we could chat while swimming. Or we could race each other ;)
    Just let me know what you think! I could use some distraction with all the stress at university...

  3. find a water polo team. swimming laps is the worst.

  4. Thanks Amy (love ya) - one more thing to blame on Mom! In my defense, it didn't start with me. My mom didn't want to to get her beautifully coiffured hair wet. I wonder if her mother had water issues, also.