08 November 2009

20 Years

Happy 20 year anniversary of the fall (or should we say "enthusiastic tear-down"?) of the Berlin Wall! Yay! It's scary to think what would have happened if, after all these people started celebrating, the government went into some kind of frenzy. So much could have gone wrong.

Every time I see the movies of people helping each other climb onto the wall and how they're all cheering, I get teary-eyed. Can you imagine what it would be like to be separated from friends and family by a wall? Can you imagine what it would be like just to finally know you can go?


  1. Or an ocean? Yeah, I know it's not quite the same, but still . . .

  2. I know! I get teary-eyed too. In my German class last year, our teacher's husband had been in East Germany when the wall fell. Near Leipzig, actually, I think. He said that him and his parents were part of that super long line to get into Berlin, and go through Checkpoint Charlie. He told some pretty awesome stories.

    I'm sure you watched the memorial type stuff today, I thought the domino wall was pretty neat. Very cool. I just wish we could fix everything.. everywhere.

  3. Having lived in Germany at the time the wall came down, I remember stories of the traffic jam on the autobahn to Berlin. People literally had to camp out!