26 October 2009

Movie Day

When I told Mike that my parents loved the movie Up, being the movie buff that he is, he insisted we go see it. He knows that I hate going to see movies because I never know if there are bad parts and I think they are way too expensive, but with a suggestion from my parents about a children's movie, we couldn't go wrong. And we both loved it!

The marriage between the two characters at the start is so sweet, and there are some funny lines, like when the dog says, "Ich habe mich unter der Veranda versteckt, weil ich dich so lieb hab" (no idea what he says in English, sorry!). Or I laughed out loud when the old man smashes the frog that sounds like his alarm clock.

We both loved our 3D glasses so much that we took them with us and wore them in the city and in the tram, etc. I think I'm going to keep wearing them. They make me feel artsy. Do you like my new look?

As we were leaving the theater, Mike saw people setting up some kind of promotion (he loves that stuff) and found out we could see a movie later for nine cents. We ended up looking like this:

But we got into a movie (which we left early because it was horrible), received free tins of sweets, mugs, and phone cards. Sounds like a good deal to me.


  1. I didn't expect to like Up, but I LOVED it. And the part you mentioned made my husband cry - while I laughed. (In English, the dog says "I hid under the deck, because I love you"...pretty much the same thing. )

    Good choice.

  2. deck? porch? now I'm second-guessing myself.

  3. I loved UP! Only I didn't get to see it in 3-D. Bummer.

  4. Sounds like a fun night! And yes, I love the glasses.