23 September 2009

Pioneer Woman

I have no idea how I missed the famous blogger, Ree Drummond, a.k.a. "Pioneer Woman," for so long. I did, after all, write my master's thesis on mommy blogs. But anyway, I found a link to her blog and ended up reading her novel-sized, dramatic, post-by-post story of how she, a city girl, fell in love with a cowboy. I won't lie. I was addicted after a few paragraphs and couldn't wait to read each chapter. I finished before the day was out, though I had a lot of other things to do.

She is so funny and her writing flows really well. Plus, the story is the kind that makes me sigh.

And I love how after a lot of lovey-doveyness, she gives her male readers a break by showing pictures of a baler. Ha ha. Here you can find the baler post (James might like this).

This is my favorite chapter because that's the way I want to feel about someone, that it's just right.

Here you can find all the chapters (warning, they're addictive!). So go read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.


  1. My little sister told me about this site because she said that the "black heels to tractor wheels" story reminded her of what happened with my husband and I-ha! I've loved The Pioneer Woman ever since. Plus her recipes are divine. I made the chocolate sheet cake from her site last week for a party and it was to die for.

  2. You evil temptress! I had things to study and apartments to clean and sleep to be had . . . Well, you did warn us.

  3. Oh boy! Thanks for the link. I'll now be missing for the next little while.

  4. Wow, I don't know how you missed her either! I love PW. I found her Black Heels story last summer and read it almost all in one sitting. Everyone says that it reminds them of their own love story ... but it really DOES remind me of mine. :)