13 August 2009


I used this website to find out about the mezuzah I got from Grandpa. It is now hanging sideways in my entrance as it should be. I remember when Grandpa wrote a letter to the editor about tolerance and understanding between religious groups and talked about the mezuzah. Although I didn't know much about the mezuzah, I transferred a kiss from finger to mezuzah whenever I left his house.

Though everything about this inherited mezuzah is not according to Jewish custom, I like the symbolism. It stands as a reminder to me of Grandpa's example, of the covenants I have made with God to keep His commandments, of my love for the Lord, of a focus on passing the gospel on to future generations, and lastly, of the blessings attached.

You can read the scriptures in the mezuzah here (4-9) and here (13-21).


  1. That's awesome your grandpa had a Mezuzah. Was he Jewish? It's funny, even though my mom's side of the family is Jewish, none of them are practicing so most of my education on this type of stuff came from watching Fiddler on the Roof as a child.

  2. Sorry, I should have made that more clear. He wasn't Jewish. He just liked the symbolism and felt that Mormons and Jews are so similar as people of the Lord.

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  4. Sweet post. Now I want a mezuzah for myself....I also have always been interested in Jewish customs. Their culture is so rich with symbolism.

  5. I watched Fiddler on the Roof last night and noticed the Mezuzahs on the entrances and thought to myself, "wonder what Michelle did with Grandpas?" I'm glad you have it hanging.