29 March 2009

Amy and Paul's Visit

I was sooooo happy to have Amy and Paul visit this week, even if it was for such a short time. Yay! My first family visitors! Some highlights:

-Eating yummy rolls with cheese, meat, jam, and yogurt for breakfast.
-Getting some running shoes from Amy and some lovely requested American things from my mom.
-Paul saying, "I didn't know that guy was going to try to kill me" after running across the street.
-The classic view in Dresden, followed by the fortress museum.
-Amy and Paul laughing their heads off at the word "Dampfschifffahrt."

-The mosaic of the Saxon kings.

-Amy laughing at Paul at the Zwinger.

-Talking to Amy in my room late at night.

-Feeling like an idiot because I missed the bank's open hours and couldn't withdraw with my card, meaning I had no money to be a good hostess.
-Amy and Paul saying we should take the audio tour at the Monument to the Battle of Nations. (I didn't know Amy had taken this picture of me. I think it shows a nice contrast of sizes. Where the scaffolding is it's just the top of the external stairs.)

-Amy giving Paul a kiss halfway down the monument, with Leipzig's city center in the background, and Paul saying, "That's gross."

-Eating Döners.
-Going to the motette at the church where Bach worked for 25 years (Thomaskirche).
-Hearing about the history of Leipzig from Jenny and Seppl and in two museums.
-Going to the organ/block flute concert at the church where Leipzig had its peaceful protests behind the wall (Nikolaikirche, and the protests continue but now for other things).
-Everyone jumping when the organ started a song with a bold first note in contrast to the Japanese traditional flute music.

-Eating Mike's first and awesome attempt at rouladen.
-Paul excitedly researching German history online.
-Going to ward 1 because I forgot about daylight savings.
-Translating fast and testimony meeting.
-Hearing Paul play the piano.
-Eating rouladen again at Fingerles' and chatting with them.
-Eating birthday stollen.

Here's the last picture before they drove off. :(

Come visit again! (Or just come visit!)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time!!

    I didn't get an email from you on Saturday! How's your paper coming?!?

  2. Wow! There seem to be a lot of cool things to see around your neck of the woods. Maybe if you still live there when I have money to travel again I'll come visit.