13 February 2009

Video and Poems for Your Valentine's Day Enjoyment

Earlier this week, I secretly delivered homemade apple turnovers to three friends, with valentines. Hee hee hee! Here are some valentine's poems I wrote that I don't think I'll be giving to anyone:

Diese zwei Blümchen habe ich für dich.
Hast du etwas besonderes für mich?
Na ja,
nen schönen Valentinstag wünsche ich dir trotzdem.

(Translation: "These two flowers I have for you. Do you have something for me? Oh well, I wish you a nice Valentine's Day anyway." It rhymes in German.)

Dieses Jahr kann ich nicht beklagen,
obwohl es schwierig ist zu sagen . . .
Ich dachte, dass mein Herz war zu,
aber es gestohlen hast du!
Du schöner Dieb,
ich hab' dich lieb!

(Translation: "This year I can't complain, even though it's hard to say . . . I thought that my heart was closed, but you stole it! You beautiful thief, I like/love you!" It also rhymes in German, better than the first actually.)

And here are some valentines for you to write my awesome poems in.


  1. What a darling little video! And I really like that second poem, a lot.

  2. ou man .. thats me 15 years ago, EXCEPT that hair .. .

    Somehow I never met a girl like her in my childhood, but always wished I would ..

  3. i really enjoy that child and his buzz/layered mullet. must remember that hair-style so that i can inflict it on my future spawn.

    thank you for commenting on my blog. i actually found yours awhile ago, but felt strangely weird commenting. thanks for being a normal human being:)

    ps. i tried to read those poems in german without looking at the translations, and i basically only understood that there was something about a theif. sigh.