18 November 2008

Dance Dance Revolution, But For Reals

So I'm a dancing maniac now. But you knew that. There are so many opportunities. I would go to twice as many dances if I had the money.

Hannover Institute Opening Dance:

Kenneth and I trying to mimic the wall decorations. Wow, he wears out a girl with his dancing energy, but it is so much fun (not to mention good exercise).

Bryan and I. Remember him? I went to the stake ball with him last year. You've gotta love that hand and camera shadow. Bryan also dances really well, just at a normal pace instead of crazy fast.

Leipzig Stake Ball 2008:

Andy and Aaron, my two dates. Ha ha. Hey, yeah!

Dresden Stake Ball:

Oops, forgot to take a picture! Darn, my hair looked cool, too. Here's the blurry attempt a senior sister got. Apparently a man in the stake asked some of my friends who the "lady in red" was.

Sock Dance in Halle (that guy can dance! Maybe you can't see it, but I smiled the entire time!):

Augsburger Tagung:

Oops, forgot again to take a picture. Here's a dude in Lederhosen (Tracht). I'm not kidding when I say guys in Lederhosen look amazing. Apparently the guys think girls in Dirndls look good (the modest Mormon version, anyway), but I wouldn't know and I don't have one anyway.

And here's the group picture.


  1. Great pictures! What a fun experience it must be to go to school over there. (You like English and Linguistics. You're my kind of gal.)

    Thanks for dropping by! And yes, I absolutely know your grandfather--and adore him. My husband served his mission in Czechoslovakia at the same time your grandparents were there, and we've kept in touch. They even came to our wedding reception.

  2. WAY fun! I love to dance. What was he doing with your arm the whole time?! :) Perhaps I'll dance with my honey when he gets home from work today.

  3. They move their arms like that when they dance. I like it--it helps me keep the rhythm.