13 September 2008


I'm getting pretty darn sick of washing my clothes in the tub and being sore from wringing out clothes. And then they take three days to dry. Will the madness never end? Will we ever go back to being modern people who have other things to do? Apparently someone has a washing machine . . . why don't we have it yet?

I had blood drawn from both arms on Wednesday. One doctor gave me a nice band-aid with little green blobs encircled by red restricted signs that say "No chance to the germs!" (in German) and the other gave me a boring, small, flesh-colored band-aid and a blue bruise under it that has gotten worst over the last few days. It looks like someone tried to beat me up. Or I guess did beat me up. I wonder why anyone cares to find out if they have Epstein Barr, because almost everyone gets it and you can't treat it anyway (just its symptoms, which I was already doing). I don't have to pay, so I just did what the doctor suggested and I guess I'll call in a week to see if I have it so I can tell people the reason I didn't finish something or show up for something was because I was too tired from the virus. :)


  1. Maybe Epstein Barr can be cured by mango peels. Or Noni Juice.

  2. I've also heard raw milk cures it, too.

    I'm so sorry about the lack of washing machine. That's really frustrating. At least it's not the year 1812 and you have triplets with poopy diapers or something.

    I hope you get a washer soon!!

  3. Michelle! Sounds like your life is full of adventure! That is aweseome! I wish I could say the same! It is good to be able to follow your blog and keep in touch!