01 September 2008

Ward Sport Night

Last week, I did something crazy. About 10 hours before I was supposed to fly away to a different country, I had second thoughts when I questioned the logic of me going. I thought I would be more disappointed than I was. Instead, I got to make hundreds of flashcards, spend hours making a time line of famous authors, and basically reading things on wikipedia. Plus, I didn't have to miss out on Ward Sport Night like I was going to, which meant the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see my bishop in European sports clothes--not just spandex, but capri spandex! I bet none of you have ever seen this:

It's blurry, I know. Sorry. I was trying to be sneaky.

Here's Schwester Berthold and I. She's really sweet and she makes the food for the institute on Tuesdays.

Yeah, some people take worse pictures than I do. (I forgive you, Sister Dixon. Besides, she said that she wasn't expecting it to flash twice.)

The opposing team. The missionary in the background went to school with my cousin Emily. (And I asked him if his relative was my dad's mission president since his name is Elder Derrick, but he doesn't know.) That makes me feel OLD. There's the bishop again. And my visiting teacher on the right.

Me getting ready to serve. (Must have been before that blurry picture.)

The Fingerle kids sharing a lollipop.

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