04 August 2008

Utah Trip, Post-Wedding

The last week in Utah flew by!

I spent a lot of time:
-cleaning Johnya's apartment and car.
-researching PhD programs.
-adding music to my computer.
-calling Best Buy about my camera.
-trying to watch episodes of The Office.
-with Scott (talking, going to his cabin, running errands, etc.).
-eating yummy food.
-getting frustrated about my wrist.
-at Egg Products (one day) answering phone calls.
-playing Perudo with Heidi (I love that game).
-visiting with friends (Kelli, Jessie, people from the ward, librarians, Tiffany, etc.)
-trying to re-download PAF on the family computer.
-ripping down the fort.
-watching movies (I have to suggest The Tunnel to everyone. It was so awesome!).
-jogging with the dogs and doing tae-bo.
-looking for my "wallet," which I eventually found.

I don't think I'll be back again for a long, long time, so I hope I didn't miss anything desperate.


  1. Yes you did! Thank you so much for cleaning everything! Seriously! I just noticed that you even shampooed my mats in my car. I don't know where all the garbage in my car went. ... but I'm glad it went somewhere besides in my car. You even fixed the tail turning light in my car! No one could ask for a better best friend! I'm sad you won't be coming back for a while, but that is okay since we'll be coming to visit you! Love you!

  2. You don't understand how sad I am that we never got together after that first night! I can't wait to hear how the wedding and everything went! Anyway, I hope you're having a blast in San Fran...