27 July 2008

July 26, 2008: The Day My Best Friend Got Married (to John, a Really Cool Guy)

26 July 2008

I loved helping Tanya with her wedding.

-went with her to get her hair done at 7 AM.
-read/translated scriptures to her during the process.
-made some needed phone calls.
-said the things that needed to be changed to make her hair closer to what she wanted.
-stuck some extra bobby pins in her hair.
-waited for her during the sealing and talked to her family from California.
-brought the bouquet and corsage in to Tanya and John before they'd come out for their debut.
-became the photographer's personal assistant, a.k.a. "Fluffer #1." Whenever he called my name, I ran over and fluffed the dress.
-touched up her makeup a couple of times.
-gave some good photo ideas.
-took more casual photos on Tanya's camera.
-convinced the photographer that we could cut down a few shots to make it to the wedding luncheon sooner (still twenty minutes late).
-kept the bouquet fresh in a cooler of ice.
-took pictures at the wedding luncheon.
-taped parking signs at the U of U.
-put up flowers and toulle on the banisters.
-tried out the Steinway to make sure it was still in tune. :)
-finally received my dress from the dressmaker.
-helped Tanya into her dress.
-took a tough phone call.
-checked outside for the late family members and helped them inside.
-cut the Caspia out of my bouquet (so it would match Tanya's).
-signaled to Tanya countless times to push one strand of hair back and personally pinned it back a few times.
-wore high heels just for Tanya.
-shook lots of hands and introduced myself.
-talked to Tanya's new family members (and quite enjoyed it).
-left a whole page of random thoughts in the sign-in book.
-joked with everyone.
-got Tanya and John some pineapple when they were done cutting the cake.
-got Tanya to slip John's keys back into his pocket.
-cleaned up after they left.
-managed to fit every single gift into Tanya's car.
-led the way to the apartment so John's mom could deliver a few things.
-carried everything up the stairs.
-got home at 1:30.

Some other random things:

-got picked up on by a guy from Tonga in the temple waiting room.
-laughed at the unfortunate length of the other bridesmaids' dresses and asssured Jenny she just had to be sure not to bend over.
-caught the bouquet (Tanya totally threw it to me on purpose)

This is the only picture I have so far. (Thanks, Jenny.)

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  1. Dude, I totally had no idea where I was throwing the bouquet. Not to say that I wasn't happy that you caught it! ;) Haha!