06 August 2008

Last Day in Cali

Besides the many draining hours spent fighting with Best Buy and UPS on the phone today (there was at least one enjoyable moment when an employee told me what I was saying couldn't be right and I called him on it by quoting the address and the name of the guy who signed for the package), I also enjoyed spending time with Amy, James, Paul, and Sadie. We went hiking with the Stroller Hikes group Amy is in, which meant I had Sadie in a Baby Bjorn. Although it was a really steep path, I didn't notice because I was enjoying talking to the moms, one of whom was from Switzerland. She even let us speak in German for a while, quite a treat. I'm excited to go home, but I'll miss the younguns who just can't be connected to the same way through email. I'll miss cuddling with Sadie and getting her to do that wide-open smile of hers. She is such a sweetie and she smells soooo good. I'll also miss discovering new ways that James is brilliant. What other two-year-old can identify all the letters of the alphabet, quote books word-for-word, and knows all the scripture stories already?

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