02 August 2008

jetBlue: Salt Lake to San Francisco in 6 Hours

As I went to find a seat by my gate on Saturday, there was one chair open, so I walked towards it and what do you know, the lady I was going to ask if I could sit there was my Aunt Marci! She and I talked for the hour that our plane was late, which was quite enjoyable.

The woman on the aisle in my row on the plane was reading the same book I was (Eat, Pray, Love), a book suggested to me by one of my librarian friends (and bought for 25 cents, you've gotta love the library book sale) after hearing what I want to do my dissertation on. I started it on the flight and found it mostly interesting. It's not something I'm desperate to keep reading. The girl in the middle kept yelling to her sister to find out what page she was on in the new book of the Twilight series. She put general questions out there, which I would answer, but then she would talk over me, acknowledging the answer, but as if I were not there. Weird.

During my layover in Long Beach, I was not feeling so hot. My head hurt and my stomach was queasy, so I sat there trying not to do anything. I distracted myself by watching people, and what do you know? The beautiful girl across from me was trying to put a J.S. Bach Orgelwerke book back in her bag, and she had a wrist brace on (I also had one on). I had to talk to her. We had the best conversation and she might come visit. I told her about how I play the organ and what cool organs we had played and why we like the organ (it's powerful), and how our wrists frustrate us and doctorates and cute European guys and on and on. She writes children's piano instruction books and was headed to a BYU Organ Conference.

The next flight was killer. I had to distract myself the whole 56 minutes so I wouldn't barf. Not that the ride was bumpy, I just didn't feel well. Luckily I made it and I was glad to see Amy and Sadie, even if Sadie was crying.

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