23 August 2008

I Passed!

Just another reason why I love the internet: I'm going to make a little bit of money to make up for the lack of a job 1. this semester, and 2. in America.

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for completing the Training Simulator Test. We are pleased to inform you that you passed and have been accepted as a ChaCha Text (SMS) Guide. You can now receive real queries!

Now start texting more queries to ChaCha! (242242)

Okay, update: man! This is interesting but sometimes tedious and impossible work, hardly worth the pay. Maybe I should care less about the quality of the question. You try finding out which gym from Jasper won the All-American United Cheer in 2007. Impossible! I got 15 cents for about ten minutes. I guess my $6 so far is better than nothing . . .


  1. huh. wow. that's fun! i just barely heard about this idea, chacha, my mom of all people was like "hey have you heard about this?" kind of cool. how do you sign up to be part of it?

  2. Go to chacha.com, register, take the mini-test, read the guide book, and take the simulator test. Good luck!

  3. hey, that's how it works...? they have random people all over answering the questions to chacha? you're a chacha answerer?