08 August 2008

I Made It Home Safely

I walked into my apartment about ten minutes ago. How weird that three weeks away can make everything seem new again. It's so nice to be here, and I'm quite glad that the people picking up American soldiers were nice enough to let me go with their taxi (paid for already) so I didn't have to take the train. I am exhausted (wiped out is more like it) and I stink sooooooooo bad. I made my flight coming this way just fine, proving that the chatty immigration lady and the train signal outage really were to blame for me not making it last time. In fact, I was so early that I went to board and the lady told me they were boarding the earlier flight and I would have to wait . At least I had time to go spray some of that airport perfume on me to drown out the smell of sweat a little.

I had my first real temptation with chocolate yesterday, even though none was present that I could see. I was waiting in the Detroit airport and I smelled Nutella like no other. I looked around as my stomach grumbled and I imagined licking a spoonful. Yep, that was it. Pretty uneventful.

Oh, and I was shocked by the contrast of food on the way to America and the way back. On the way there, I got some sandwich called "Flavorful" or something like that and it was awesome. Everything I ate was gourmet-ish. On the way back, the food was just awful. Flabby pink chicken with a horrible shriveled roll, and later something else I don't care to remember. Same airlines. Northwest. What's the deal?

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