11 August 2008

American Trip Randomivities, AKA the Very Few Pictures I Have of the Trip

Here's a photo of the 34 and a half pounds of presents people sent with me to America. Notice that most of it is chocolate. And this is after the Nutella got taken away at airport security:

I don't know if pre-wedding Tanya and John are laughing because of what Annaliesa is doing, but I am. (Sorry, Annaliesa, we all have bad pictures. I still think you're really cool.)

And a better photo (just for you, and still pre-wedding).

Here is Scott looking a little crazy.

Here is Scott looking a little more friendly, with a nice sophisticated shine on the bald spot that he's developing faster than John is developing his.

See Annaliesa, here's my bad picture (man is that ever proof that I am now a chunk, and I'm pretty sure some huge Adam's apple is sticking out of my neck!). Unlike you, I don't have a better picture. And Scott, that bat has already been erased. I don't know who did it. Sorry.

Here's Melissa and I at Crissy Field in San Francisco. It was cool to see her and Penelope. Wow, those pants are really frumpy. I should stop wearing them.


  1. Mostly I'm just proud of myself for taking that last pic. So glad you were here.

  2. That's a good picture of you and Melissa! Looks like it was fun :).