28 July 2008


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  1. Hey, thanks for the comment. It always surprises me at the random people who run across my blog. I guess the only thing I would ask you is whether or not you think being gay is a sin? Homosexual acts are clearly against God's commandments, but simply being attracted to the same sex is not. This type of attitude at church absolutely kills me. I am automatically a sinner because I am gay. I believe strongly in the 11th article of faith that all should be free to worship how or what they may. I find it very ironic that a church that was persecuted so heavily for its unique marriage practices, can so easily turn against others in their pursuit of happiness. Gays getting married will not hurt anybody's temple marriage. I mean, what are we trying to protect marriage from? Gays? If that's the answer, then don't we want to protect the whole church against gays? Should I just leave now? I don't mean to sound argumentative, but the types of assumptions, generalizations, and comparisons that members of the church make are absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for your comment. No, I don't believe that being gay is a sin anymore than being a brunette is a sin. It is the acts that are a problem, like you said. Yes, people should be allowed to worship as they may, but that doesn't necessarily mean they should. If one person says he's worshiping by sacrificing women, should that be supported? I was also surprised to see the Church getting involved, but for a different reason: it seemed very out of their role in a nation that so strongly supports separation of church and state. However, I don't think that gays getting married is going to make them any happier. How can people who are legally sinning be happier? Maybe it seems that justifying it with something similar to traditional marriage would help, but I don't think so. I realize the whole thing is complicated and that perhaps you don't agree. Don't leave the Church or lose your faith because of it. Do what you can to have a happy life focusing on something else, just as someone else would with an addiction.

  3. Um, so now you are comparing two consenting adults legally committing their lives to each other with murder. Don't quite follow that line of thinking...

    Also, if you ask anyone what is the one thing that makes people happiest, 99% of them will say family. So how are you going to tell me that allowing gay people to marry will, "make them any happier." Who are you to tell people what will make them happy? If it does not effect you, why should it be outlawed? In your analogy of murder, others are effected (i.e. the person killed, their friends, family, etc.) In a marriage, besides those consenting adults, nobody else is effected.

    Again, just because you find something morally wrong, does not mean that your morals should be imposed on others. Have you ever personally known a gay person?