02 July 2008

New Series: Re-Discoveries of Michelle's [Technologically-Documented] Past

Seeing as how two weeks ago, I spent a lot of time during my block seminar organizing old and duplicate files on my computer, I thought I would start a new series: "Re-Discoveries of Michelle's [Technologically-Documented] Past" to post some of the things I enjoyed seeing again.

We'll start with this special:

I never had a title for this painting. Should I? I did this oil painting while I was working at the East Millcreek Library, so that's anywhere from 2003-2005. The reason I know it was then is because I remember getting the idea from a lovely new children's book that came in.

I have no idea why I have a digital picture of this painting, and I'm sure my camera now could take a better-quality picture of it, but nevertheless I was glad to see it.

I still love the feeling this painting gives me, and it makes me want to go paint with oils every time I see it. However, something has been bugging me: one of the legs is missing a shadow. Oh, the horror and shame! Part of me wants to write on my list of things to do in Utah: "Paint a shadow for the leg in that painting of the boy on the beach," while another part of me says, "This is history! This shows your learning process! Leave it or die." What do you think?

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