04 July 2008

I'm Proud to be an American

I am missing the 4th of July. Not just "missing" as in "I'm not there," but really "missing" as in, "I wish I were there." I already realized that I didn't get to blast play the Star Spangled Banner on the organ this year, but the actually holiday is even harder to miss. I think I've mentioned it before--the 4th of July is my favorite holiday (yep, I mentioned it here and here last year). With sunshine, family, Big Cottonwood Canyon, A1 and steak for breakfast, chocolate milk, collecting candy, throwing the candy at people who accidentally drove into the parade, making the rounds in Brighton Circle, walking around Silver Lake, climbing the big rock's stairs, a nap in the afternoon, and fireworks at night, what's not to love?

Yes, I've been invited to the yearly 4th of July party that one of the members has for the missionaries, but it's just not the same. (And no matter what Elder Teare says, I love America. Hello, I can sing more than one verse of the Star Spangled Banner, I love patriotic songs, and I'm studying American Studies! ) I've been assuaging myself (or maybe actually making it worse) with a playlist of patriotic songs on YouTube. In one of my classes, my professor said, "National identity being defined by family, religion, and patriotism is strictly American." I love that.

Oh, and here's a side note: in making my playlist, I started to wonder why it is that my brain connects "I'm Proud to Be An American" with Boy Scouts. There we go again--patriotism from my dad, an avid scouter.

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