05 July 2008

Hardcore Essay Writing

Thursday before class, I had one of what I call in my mind "the desks of the elite." After class when I went back to the library, there wasn't a single free space. Friday I got stuck with the commons area which has a cool ceiling but it bugs me because the shades keep automatically moving whenever the sun comes and goes:

Overall, I like studying in the library better. It's much more on-task. Although I sometimes get distracted watching people (like the girl who slipped a note over to a guy's study area without him noticing and it was bugging me that every few seconds her eyes would flicker to look at him, because then I wanted to see him notice too), I can't get up to go see if there's any food in the refrigerator. It was also better before I finally figured out how to get internet on my laptop here. Oh well. It's still better.


  1. A little tip: Go to the library shortly after it opens. You don't have to stay long. Just get yourself a locker and put some books or notes where you'd like to sit.
    That's what I usually do. I come at eight, stay until I have classes and then I disappear. Sometimes even for several hours.
    Until ten am the library is quite empty. Then it's packed till seven pm, when it gets empty again. After all, the average student does not like to study early in the morning or late at night. At least not outside of the own room.

  2. That's funny you say that. On Thursday, I got there right at opening and got a great tesk. I thought about leaving my stuff there while I went to class at 1 so I could have a place afterwards, but then I decided that was rude and took my stuff with me. I guess I can't complain, then. I'm guilty.

  3. hey.. i wanted to reply to your comment on my blog, and i figured here was as good as any place.

    i am actually living in a town called Rheinzabern. It's kind of near Frankfurt. I just got here today. (and totally not used to this european keyboard!!!). So yeah. I was just in Berlin for a week before hand.