07 July 2008

GOP and Gmail Buddies

Here's clear proof that politics is not my thing: I wrote "GOP" in my notes from class for quite a while before I finally asked myself, "What is that anyway?" I looked it up in Wikipedia and now I feel stupid.

Oh, and I learned today that once you get to 99 emails in a conversation in Gmail, it will start a new conversation with the 100th. Jule and I send emails back and forth quite often . . . that conversation started on June 12th. That's what, three times a day? Today she went shopping for me, went to the doctor for me, called the Panasonic repair center for me, and brought the food to the institute so I could make dinner for family night (all coordinated through email). She would have done more, but her daughter had to come home sick from kindergarten. Wow, she's amazing.

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