27 July 2008

The Day Before Tanya's Wedding

Recap of July 25th:

Tanya picked me up at 10. We paid for wedding cake. Then we met John, his mom, and Tanya's mom at Costco, where we bought tons of flowers (an odd arrangement, I thought, but which turned out quite lovely together) and other items. We picked up bouquets at Tanya's apartment (not how she wanted them at all). At David Gardiner Hall, we set up the tables, chairs, and tablecloths. I tried out the Steinway and arranged the flowers. Tanya and I cut caspia out of her bouquet. Her family from California showed up. I was amazed at how young they all looked. One cousin looked 25, but she was in her 40s.

Around 5, we went with Becky and Becky (Tanya's mom and future mother-in-law) to a salon. They got their hair cut and we got our nails done. I picked a color that looked almost clear. We looked at hairdos for the wedding day (something like a French twist with texture looked good to Tanya). The whole time we were there, we were making phone calls with John to try to figure out where the gift certificates for the salon had gone. He kindly made several trips and finally found them. Tanya's Chinese side of the family wanted to have dinner, but Tanya had the bachelorette party, so I dropped her off there to say hello and went to pick her up later. The party ended up being two girls besides Tanya and I, so John tagged along as we arranged more things at the hall. We did some cartwheels (or rather, tried some in my case) and played ultimate spoons (we threw them out among the chairs).

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