22 June 2008

What if we treated our scriptures like our cell phones?

1. What if we carried our scriptures around in purses and pockets?
2. What if we turned back to get the scriptures if we forgot them?
3. What if we flipped through the scriptures several times a day?
4. What if we spent an hour or more using them a day?
5. What if we used them to receive messages?
6. What if we felt like we couldn't live without the scriptures?
7. What if we gave scriptures as gifts?
8. What if we used the scriptures as we traveled?
9. What if we used our scriptures in case of emergency?
10. What if we asked other people for their number (favorite scriptures)?
11. Think about it. Scriptures come with unlimited usage, no roaming charges, unlimited reception (no weak signals), no worries of disconnection because of price.

(I got this idea from Alex Boye and only changed it a little.)