10 June 2008

Using English Words in Advertising

Sometimes people just use English words because they think it works but it's funny-sounding to me. For example, I bought this toilet paper last week. It got me thinking. By "touching" are they talking about the emotional kind of "touching," as in, "Your talk in church touched me." If so, that would be funny for anyone to claim that toilet paper had had such an effect on them. If they're talking about the physical kind of touching, then it's weird that they would bring it up. Who wants to think about where that toilet paper is going to be touching? I think what they were trying to get at is that it's soft. Hmmm. Isn't language tricky? How many words do I use in German that are a little bit funny? Probably all of them. At least meaning can usually be conveyed. Oh boy, here I go with Post-structuralism again.

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