12 June 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Had Glass Eyes

Following is probably one of the worst pictures of myself that I will ever allow to be posted on my blog. Enjoy it while you can:

I just wanted you to see how miserable I've been with allergies, mainly in my eyes. I don't think I've suffered this much since I showed up for piano lessons with my eyes swollen closed (Janice asked if I needed to go home, but I was determined to stay). My eyes now are absolutely devoid of any eye liner (through rubbing, not through any washing). They are bloodshot, dry, goopy in the corners, and totally raw with dark pouches beneath them.

Luckily, the allergy doctor was very nice. Unluckily, he didn't prescribe any eye drops. Luckily, he is also a skin doctor so I killed two birds with one stone by asking for a renewal of my skin medication. Unluckily, he's a believer in topical treatment (which has never ever worked for me) and just prescribed cold gel for every night. Luckily, he also prescribed some allergy pills and nose spray. Unluckily, the pharmacy gave me 7 pills. 7. Like they thought it would be funny or something. Also unluckily, he suggested that we do an allergy skin test in September because my skin test from 2000 is too old (and I would venture to say it's too regional as in it has plants in Utah, not Germany). I can remember how miserable that was last time. (Thanks for the border scratching, Mom.) Luckily, I am going to bed now, so I don't have to think about it all again until I wake up in the morning and try to pry my eyes open.

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