04 June 2008

Sleep and Eat (Or Don't)

Catching up after the Switzerland trip has been unbelievably hard. Every time I think I have time to catch up on some schoolwork, people need me or there are other things that have to be done.

Yesterday, I went home to take a nap. Proof that it was meant to be a nap can be taken from the facts that I did not brush my teeth, change out of my skirt (the weather here is unbelievably hot and moist and it only took me one day to realize why so many girls where light cotton skirts), or say my prayers. I set my alarm on my phone and tried to arrange my blanket in the least-hot way. I zonked out faster than you can say "Michelle needs sleep."

Thirteen hours later, I woke up. Yup, that's thirteen as in 13. Unlucky 13? Luckily, thirteen hours later was perfect timing for me to get up and leave.

The second thing to report here is that somewhere among the hours and hours and hours and hours of driving to and from Switzerland, I decided that I really need to eat healthier. I always knew that, but something inside me finally decided. I think a lot of it had to do with me thinking about these two pictures:

Me in Bern in 2004:

Me in Bern 4 years later:

Okay, so maybe you can't really see it, but other pictures show my skinniness then better, like this:

So here's the plan:

Before breakfast:
Water and multivitamin
Wheat, fruit, dairy, water
Vegetable, fruit, meat, dairy, wheat, water
After Lunch:
Water, maybe a roll
Meat, two vegetables, two wheats, dairy, water

Yep, it's just the food pyramid, but so far I've been doing okay. I'm not eating in between meals except for what is designated. Yogurt is my new hero because it combines two things and makes so I don't have to drink milk. Before I would just have a big serving of whatever I had, like a huge bowl of potatoes. Now I have realized that small portions of each thing is the only way to have room for it all. I'm also intensifying my daily workout. The only two problems are that I need more time for school things and that it's more expensive to eat this way.

Here I am eating my dessert, which I think was one of the best strawberries I've ever had. I know the picture is funny because I'm off to the side, but I took a better-centered one and for some reason I liked the funny one better. It seems like it could be an ad for something.


  1. Wow! Who took that first picture of you in 2004? It's fabulous! Say "Hi" to our friends in Bern! (Only if they remember me of course...)

  2. I like your strawberry picture. You look cool. I'm getting stoked to see you.

  3. I like all the pictures, especially the last one, and the second to the last, and the second, and the first ... uhh yeah.