23 June 2008

New Swimsuit Possibility

Good news! Cheaper cute swimsuits here, by a girl I went to school with. I like this top:

After using my iPod earphones and finagling my way through some weird measuring stick here (using my built-in guesstimator of inch size and Google, I've figured that it's not millimeters, and it's not decimeters, but I can't remember what's in between), I have just one problem left:

Bust: S
Waist: M
Hip: XS

What to do?

1 comment:

  1. I followed the Modbe chart for my swimsuit and ended up with a M top and XS bottoms. Worked out OK, but I wish I had averaged the two and gotten both in a S--the top is a bit big and the bottoms are a bit small.