09 June 2008

Colorful Collage (Cheaper Than Paint)

I finally started the collage of postcards/flyers I've been collecting since October. I'd had enough of 1. people telling me my room looking empty, 2. people telling me my room needed color, 3. the pile of postcards taking over my shelf, and 4. homework (I needed something else to do). My favorites are towards the bottom. I posted it large so you can click on it and explore if you want to.


  1. Here we see, for the first time in the Western Tradition, an eclectic conglomeration so glorious as to render one quite speechless.

  2. Michelle;
    Awesome wall, I will have to send an addition. I love your blog. You are quite the artist! Very creative and chic.

  3. You're awesome. I love the paper-doll postcard the best.

  4. I am so glad everyone likes my collage! Yay! I really like it too.

    As for sending additions, they are quite welcome. Könneritzstr. 34, 04229 Leipzig, Germany

    And, I'm still trying to figure out which one is a paper doll postcard. I think it's the "Yoga for kids" one on the bottom left. Am I right?