03 May 2008

The Tempest

I finally changed my Google time zone, because of a new setting: it was telling me it would put up a post once that time came around, even though it was already that time here. Way to go Google. Now if people want to commit suicide, they can set a post to come afterwards. (Sorry for the morbid thought, no worries there, please. And don't get any ideas.)

A new member invited everyone she could think of to a Shakespeare play she was in, "The Tempest." No matter how much I love literature, Shakespeare just isn't my thing. However, I got some reading done during the play, I got some German practice in, and Sister Dixon passed around cookies.

Some parts of the play were so . . . I don't know. Despite the good intentions of Dictionary.com's Reverse Dictionary, I've yet to see it successfully help me find a word. (Don't ask me why I keep trying.) Out of time? Let's just say this was Shakespeare with spice. There was one part where the wild woods girl started swing dancing with the prince to "Rammalammadingdong," which I thought was hilarious enough. Then later the three woods fairies/ghosts/whatever stripped down to shorts and t-shirts and danced to "Annie Are You Okay?" with cowboy hats on. This picture looks like I went to some creepy night club because I didn't want to use the flash and they had a fog machine.

Hee hee hee. I had already thought it was long when Mike pointed to the program that said there was a pause in the third act, which we had not reached yet, and that there were five acts. The missionaries all had to leave way before it was over, so we stayed as support, which meant I got home at about midnight. They put a lot of work into that play. The wildcat did a wonderful job acting.

Oh, and the wild woodsy girl looked like Lindsey Lohan.

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