16 May 2008


With two classes this semester dealing with religion and society and politics, I was intrigued to read that the LDS Church immediately put out a negative response to California's decision about gay marriages. Sure, I agree with the opinion stated therein, but

1. When was it the Church's job to immediately offer a statement? Shouldn't they deal with their own business and give a statement if asked?
2. Apparently the "LDS Church was active in urging California residents to ban gay marriage." By the "LDS Church," are they talking about random members, are they talking about official committees sent by the Church, or are they talking about members who were urged by official letters to urge others? This seems like a clear case of non-secularity being forced by the church side. What about all the times that members are encouraged to make prayerful decisions when voting?

Interesting. Now help me form two essays to write about it, or about something having to do with secularity and society or religion and politics.

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  1. Hi Michelle! Your post interested me. I was in CA when all if this occurred (I was a senior in high school and it was a pretty big deal). I can only speak for my ward, but they did talk about it at church and encourage member support. They also had signs available for members to take home and post in their yards. It was an interesting issue because, in fact, we were voting "yes" on the proposition, which was to maintain that marriage was only between a man and woman. The proposal was not to accept gay marriages, it was to limit the definition of marriage to that union between a man and woman. So there's my first person account if it's of any help to you. See you Sunday! - Kimberly