29 May 2008

Details for Tanya

This week I'm driving to Switzerland for a friend's surprise birthday party. We rented a car yesterday and I'm the only one with a driver license. Great. :) I guess I get to try out our BMW on the Autobahn. I don't think I'll do any driving on the sidewalk like Jeff did recently, though. Too bad. There's this really cool website that is widely used here in Germany where people can display what rides they need or what rides they can give, so we put our trip on there and we are dropping one person off in Freiburg Breisgau. I found out today that we would have three more. I asked how that would work when we didn't have that many seats, and I found out we're taking three lemmings with us to give to a girl in Switzerland. I laughed and laughed at that. What a random adventure this is going to be.

I'm going to Eilenburg (that's a city 20 minutes away by train) on a mini-mission in two weeks. There's a single older sister from Austria there who is strengthening the branch members and looking for people to baptize so they can have leadership from their own city. I'm going to go help her teach and find.

There was an American girl (Erin) here for a few weeks to do an internship in one of our ward member's law firms. People found it funny that two Americans would always talk to each other in German, but when you're in Germany, you should do as the Germans do. Her siblings arrived yesterday and brought desperately-needed Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Yummy. I'm proud of my hair in this picture. I dried it almost all the way and then twisted it into 8 little buns that I kept in for thirty minutes before I left for school. It looked pretty good and stayed alright all day, even through a nap.

Today I got a compliment from a very intellectually-thorough investigator (I was impressed). He said that he could hear just the tiniest bit that I wasn't from here.

I'm working on ideas for my Master's thesis and possibly even dissertation eventually by studying autobiography in general, women's autobiography, female narratives, etc. It's interesting, but some heavy duty reading. I don't want to buy the books, but I need to underline! I guess if I'm going to do so much research in this area I need to go for it. I still feel like three of my classes are interesting but big distractions from my real goals in the program. That makes it hard to motivate myself to work hard for those classes.


  1. heehee, thanks for the update! :D The biography idea sounds exciting . . .