29 May 2008


I am so freakin excited! (I don't usually use the word "freakin," but I couldn't think of any word better to describe my euphoria.) I get to see the Bieris (cousins thrice removed) on Saturday. Ursula will be taking care of the [relatively new] granddaughter, Sophie, so I get to see her too!!

I told Mike that if I drive too slow, he should just say, "Bieris, Bieris, Bieris!"

Update about the weekend on Monday or Tuesday.

I cut Mike's hair. What was the beginning of a disaster was saved by my roommate who happened to have a buzzer with all the attachments. Turns out that curtain is good for more than just shoving in windows and causing laughs.

Oh, and that lady I talked to at Apple about MacBooks backing up everything and taking up lots of space was wrong. I just deleted 8.55 GB of backed up photos that I already had on my portable drive.

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