07 April 2008

Summer Semester Starts!

"Welcome to the summer semester," said my professor facetiously as we sat in one of the fishbowl classrooms, surrounded by windows and thus whirls of snow. Until a few hours earlier, I had wondered how amazingly lax this semester was going to be with only three classes. Then I realized that each class had another class or two that went with it and one of them was today. Oh. Luckily I made it to the class on time and luckily my roommates had come in and out enough to let me know that the weather was no fun. I sported my boots and rejoiced every time I realized that I could stomp through a puddle and still have dry feet. Even though I had brought some normal shoes along, I got so many good comments at the institute today that I just wore my boots all day long. Thanks, Mom.

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