13 April 2008

Frankfurt, er, Wernborn/Friedrichsdorf Trip

Frankfurt was beautiful. Or maybe I should say Friedrichsdorf and Wernborn were beautiful. (About all I saw of Frankfurt was the church and the train station.) I'd love to visit again and see a bit of Frankfurt. Supposedly there are a lot of good museums. I was surprised to learn that Frankfurt is not much bigger than Leipzig in terms of population. (Leipzig: 510,200, Frankfurt: 667,598.)

I had several opportunities to share the gospel this weekend. One woman was really excited about the Book of Mormon and couldn't wait to read it. I hope she likes it and emails me. Another guy randomly started talking to me and will go to the temple on Wednesday to hear more about the Church.

Wernborn is where the Wiborny family lives; Friedrichsdorf is where the temple is. We went on many walks and I was overwhelmed by the surrounding beauty.

The view from their back windows:

The mini-hike we did:

How cool is it to have a trampoline with such a view? And to be so talented?

The Frankfurt Temple:

Brushing our teeth at midnight.

David, Janett, and I. Gotta love the shoes:

Blue sky, brown dirt, puffy clouds, and greenery . . .

David and I at the temple plaza after sacrament meeting:

I feel bad now that I didn't get pictures of the rest of the family. I was really impressed by them. Not only were they friendly and generous and close to each other, they are strong in the gospel (all those good characteristics probably come from that strength).

I think the location/situation of their family is perfect. They are not too far from the city, but far enough that they are surrounded by green. (I've missed hills in Leipzig, one walk was even reminiscent of Big Cottonwood Canyon.) They're close to the temple, and there are several members in the neighborhood.


  1. Could you do this? Ask me later. . . .

  2. Michelle - I think I was there the same time you were! I went to Algeria in April and stopped in Frankfurt on the way there and on the way back. We were all dead tired and incoherent - but that's hardly different than when we first met. Sorry I missed you!