05 April 2008

Conference Laugh

I absolutely loved conference and I'm excited to go back and look at my notes. Here I just had to share a hilarious thing that happened Saturday night. I got to the church right as it was starting, and one of the sisters asked if I would invite an investigator to sit with me. So I did, and she had a lot of great questions. Being a bit distracted by the questions, I wasn't able to fully pay attention as is needed when something is in a different language, and so when I saw that people were standing up, I had both of us stand up as well. I didn't understand why not everyone was standing. As soon as I sat down and another group stood up, I realized that we had stood with the high priests. I didn't say anything to the investigator, but as we were sitting pretty close to the front, I felt really stupid. Ha ha ha ha. One of the brothers later joked with me that he didn't know I had the priesthood.

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