13 March 2008

Photo Shoot!

I know, I'm guilty of not having posted for a while. I've got a lot to do, including taxes . . .

However, here's something cool: Tanya and I won a friend contest and so we got our pictures taken yesterday. I don't like the fact that I'm chunkier than I should be and in some of the pictures I'm kind of frowning, but there are some good ones. I love the one of Tanya laughing at something I said. That's nice of her.


Oh, and below our photo shoot you'll find a photo shoot of my great uncle, Uncle Al. He is so cool. Besides belonging to "The Dirty Shirts Club" (a club of old guys who bowl, golf, and joke together), he volunteers at the nearby hospital, driving patients around in a golf cart. He still speaks pretty good German from when he served a mission in the Germany/Switzerland mission. He even can still tell you about how he and his companion went to the Olympics in Berlin and saw Hitler and his rejection of Jesse Owens.

Stacy, the photographer, is really cool. If anyone wants photos, contact her. (Update: that's "if anyone wants photos taken, contact her." I don't endorse random people ordering pictures of me or Tanya.)

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  1. You are so beautiful! :) I loved seeing you--I hope your trip back went well!