22 March 2008

Day 2 of the Easter Convention

Somehow I woke up by 8 this morning, out of deep, deep sleep, to find my online alarm clock had been going for 45 minutes already (not very effective, I want my cell phone charger back!). We had some amazing food at the church, we heard an amazing talk about Jesus, we went ice skating (where I lost an earring and learned how to step while turning and go to know a few people), I played some mad Kicker, and we watched Night at the Museum. I stayed way late to help clean up; not sure why some people stayed way late and did nothing to help, even after they accidentally made a huge mess. Glad that we'll play football tomorrow and glad that the ball will be tomorrow. I have no idea how the other people who stayed so late can now be going to the disco. Crazy people.


  1. Please try this online alarm clock next time and turn your laptop's sound all the way up:


  2. That's the one I used. Not very loud or annoying enough, even with the sound up. They should have different sound options. Thanks, though, online alarm clock.