18 February 2008

A Little Glass with Your Nutella?

Picture 1: Breakfast of Champions

I can now say that I've eaten glass. Mmmm. When I stooped over to pick up a piece of plastic that was on the ground while I was talking on my phone, the nutella I'd just bought fell out of my pocket and hit the street with a nice thunk. (That's what I get for picking up other people's trash.) Picking up the bottle of nutella, I noticed that it was cracked in several places and shattered where it had hit the cobblestones. I took it home, and what did I do, throw it away? No way! That's my nutella, my motivation during studying! I pulled the big chunks of glass apart and scraped the nutella off them into a bowl. Then I turned the bowl around and around, looking for pieces of glass to take out with a spoon. When I could see no more, I was satisified. As I ate spoonfuls, I found a few pieces of glass. The big ones I was able to spit out without problems, the smallest ones are a little like chewing sand and went down just fine.

Picture 2: Empty bowl of Nutella with three pieces of glass alongside it that I saved just for your viewing pleasure.

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