19 January 2008

Guess Who?

Guess who caught up on blog reading (not commenting), listened to a wonderful 18-minute recording of general authorities' testimonies of Christ that Mike put on my computer, learned that a mole is a lot smaller than I thought, saw a dead mole, saw Elder Mateer drop-kick a dead mole, laughed as mini Elder Mateer for some unknown reasons dragged around a really big branch (Scots), laughed as Elder Mateer shimmied up a tree, made no goals in football (more like had some horrible misses) but had a fun time anyway, enjoyed the lovely spring weather (57 degrees Fahrenheit with a nice breeze), petted a pregnant pony named Lotte, gave Lotte's owner a pamphlet and told her about the Church website, scored a whole bunch of leftover Christmas candy from the sisters, resisted going to the institute for a lunch of delicious Klöse because she had homework to do, revised her final eight-page story for creative writing, resisted taking a nap because she had homework to do, ate two 150-gram chocolate Santas, resisted chatting because she had homework to do, ate the rest of the chocolate ice cream and a few mini candy-bars, realized some research at the library was needed, went to the library and remembered that she liked to do research as long as she understood it and had the motivation to get started, thoroughly enjoyed the first six pages of my new literary theory book, organized a wonderful document for her peers to use for editing, listened to a German book on tape of Faust, listened to a German radio station for language practice, did a ton of editing herself, remembered that she likes editing, is hoping to do everyone else's editing or at least make the editing consistent but is waiting patiently until the others try first, and is feeling so much better now about having a day of rest tomorrow?


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