09 January 2008

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Yay! My toothpaste ran out. Who knew that it took four months for toothpaste to run out when you brush at least twice a day? Back in September, I gave in and bought German toothpaste, which I figured was better than the cinnamon toothpaste I had mistaken for my trusty old Crest (I might have even given in to Colgate at the time, even though it makes my tongue go numb). While the German toothpaste was better, each time I brushed my teeth, I realized that I didn't enjoy brushing my teeth as much as I used to, and I longed for the day when the tube would run out so I could use my finally-arrived tube of Crest that came with my boxes.

The first brush was eagerly anticipated and I was not disappointed. Breathing deeply, I felt the Crest not only really clean my teeth, but also my nasal passages.

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