05 January 2008

I Miss Dwigt, Or Maybe I Just Need A Distraction

Dashed into the ground! Lamenting that I haven't been able to see The Office this season to a trusted friend today, I delightedly accepted the news that this season of The Office can be watched online. Having days of homework to do (all the professors decided to send things to do this week as if we can fit it all in before Monday), I of course decided I would have to wait until my essays were done waited a few hours before deciding I could take a look. Finding the episodes, it took me only a few minutes to decide which one to watch first. I clicked eagerly on the image and my heart pounded as I waited for it to load. Then this came up:

"We're sorry, this episode cannot be viewed from your location. Please select another episode."

What the dumbos forgot to say is that none of the episodes can be viewed from my location. At least an explanation would have been nice!

In better news, like a good citizen, I sent in my absentee voting application and did a bit of research on the crazies who want to be criticized in the office that is the president's.

Wow, and who knew that I already had a "The Office" label on my blog?

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